Review 3357

According to the archives, this site has been around since August of 2006. In the same breath, the archives contain less than 20 posts in that time span. When I see an blog as inconsistent as this, I immediately question the consistency of the content. If someone running a blog can’t post more than twice a month, it’s very likely that the content is severely lacking.

Some of the earlier posts made by Brandon Marcel focus on how to create traffic for your website. Considering the only comment throughout the entire blog is a spam comment, I seem to doubt the validity of the tips the author provides for bumping up the number of visitors to this site.

It starts to make sense, though, midway through this blog. Eventually, the author starts giving out links to another domain, which is filled with banner ads for free cell phone rings and Google Ads. And, of course, it also gives readers the chance to buy a downloadable book that gives “Over 100+ indie music and music industry website links!”.

The actual content of this site is very dry and hard to process if you’re not into the indie music producing scene. The author drags posts on and on until I had to refocus at least half a dozen times per entry to continue through the whole post. I realize the indie music scene is up and coming in popularity, but this site is definitely geared towards those that have already been a part of that scene for a long time. Someone trying to make a jump into the scene is going to feel overwhelmed by the posts made here.

As I mentioned before, I don’t really see this as a site that’s trying to do anything but generate some revenue and even page ranking for their main site.


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