Review 334

Wow. is choc-full of information for computer geeks like myself. Trying to remain as objective as possible when reviewing such a site is difficult for me. It was difficult find something I didn’t like.

The weblog part of the site is a collection of news from around the Internet, mostly relating to computers, the web, and technology in general. The byline in the title of the site says “Web news on steroids”, and that pretty much sums it up. Come to if you want good news with none of the fluff or advertising.

It took me a while just to soak in the first page. Once I ventured beyond it, I found a lot more stuff to keep me interested, though signing up for a user account was necessary to see much of it. However, once I became a member, I was given my own weblog section, among other things.

There were news feeds, collaborative books (the site even has it’s own user manual), and blogs from other site users. From what I could tell, the site must be either relatively young or a very well-kept secret. Not too many people were responding to articles, and there were only two entries in the guestbook.

The design of the site was a sharp, clean, modern style seen more and more these days. The color scheme was decent, and the menus were easily navigatable.

I forsee great things for this website, especially if the owner keeps up the meticulous organization and smooth implementation. As people find it, they will see it’s value as a centralized, advertisement-free portal of news and information. I know I will be going