Review 41

With a name like nerdBlog, one doesn’t quiet know what to expect. The first thing I read was she digs WWF, so that is a bonus. But back to her sites review. I really didn’t enjoy the pink links. I know it works for her, but some pages, the pink links on white backgrounds… Eh.

But she writes this weblog for a reason, to write, not to design and intrigue you with her Photoshop skills (though she likes working with Photoshop). Her posts are really interesting to me. I never knew what it was like from a female’s point of view on being a programmer and now I know.

Other things I found amusing. Under her list of hates, is Microsoft. Where is she working? Microsoft. Of course, she hasn’t even started there yet (in training) so it might get crossed off. Also she digs Macs which is another bonus point in my eyes. I really enjoyed this site. What she had to say really related to me and what I believe/think/live so big props to you.nerdBLOG