Review 3292

Little James Short may have one thing up on other kids his age. He’s got a dad that’s not only crazy about him, but also journaling his life. This probably acts as a tremendous release for James’ dad, Paul, but also a helpful tool with other parents coping with Autism and Pervasive developmental disorder.

The posts are well written and informative. Not only are they full of information that deals specifically with Autism or PDD, but they also let people, like the vast majority of readers that may stumble upon this site, know that kids like James are just as precocious, mischievous, and entertaining as the next kid.

My favorite post featured some pictures that were taken by James when his dad inadvertently left the digital camera in the backseat of the car, which happened to be just inside James’ reach. The result? Some really neat picture, for a kid his age! The self-portrait is my favorite.

The layout of the site is my biggest complaint. It’s one of Blogger’s infamous templates that gets used on a way-too-regular basis. The light text on the black background is a bit hard to read. Paul keeps the information on the sidebar to a minimum, which makes the site easy to navigate and seem more open, rather than cluttered.

I’m a sucker for kid stories, and kids in general, so I was able to easily relate to and enjoy the stories and information Paul shares in his writing. He doesn’t have time, as a single parent, to post on a very regular basis, but I think it’s safe to say his readers would rather have him spending time with his son, than posting on his weblog.

As I mentioned earlier, this site is undoubtedly going to appeal to people that have a direct tie in the world of autism or people just looking to learn what a real life is like when there’s a child like James involved.