Review 3207

…I loved it. The entries were just wonderful. They were short, concise, and just so witty. The author, Cindy, gets her point across as quickly as she can, and if she doesn’t offend you, then she leaves a smile on her reader’s face.

Her entries are mostly journal entries – whatever happened today she deemed worthy enough to write about. But she writes so well and she injects her witty comments and opinions so well that it was just so entertaining to read about her life and her thoughts. They’re not necessarily funny, but they’re definitely enjoyable. I don’t really know how to sum up her whole blog because of the diversity of her entries. I mean, jeeze, she even talked about the Jesus Action Figure from Christmas. That was good.

Maybe I’m biased. Maybe when I start hearing this voice talking in my head as I read through the entries of a blog, I start thinking better and better of whatever it is I’m reading. Well, whatever. That voice in my head started talking and it said this was good. The layout isn’t flashy, but when the words are entertaining enough, no one needs flashy. Kudos, Cindy, on the great blog.

Really, I recommend it to just about anyone. If, on the first entry, you feel your hackles raising, then please, press the X button. Otherwise, you’ll see that what she has to say is worth hearing. Or rather, reading. NULL