Review 3116

This site is written by an American musician (A harmonica player) and the tag line “Thoughts floating around in my head” immediately tells me what kind of blog this is going to be. Before I could say “here we go again..” I was pleasantly surprised to find that Harmonic Man can write.

As a fellow musician I felt an immediate rapport with this guy and his stories of band life. However it was his recent foray into snowboarding peppered with curses that had me laughing out loud in the post “Im Too Old for This.” Its funny how the lives of strangers, however distant or diverse can be engaging when written well.

The blogger template is slightly customized and the white background is easy to read over, but of course the layout still seems overly familiar. I also downloaded a recent MP3 posted and while I found Harmonica Man to be technically proficient, realized his musical tastes were somewhat different to my own. Still, it was nice to actually hear a sample of the band he writes about and his band is pretty good.

View from a Cloud has regular updates which is refreshing and is worth a visit. The posts are lengthy but not overly wordy and easy to read and the guy is likable, which is certainly a good thing for a personal blog where personality is really the biggest thing a blog has going for it. View from a Cloud looks good from the ground. NULL