Review 3102

The first thing I noticed about this blog was the fact that it’s a Blogger blog. I’ve several times voiced my dislike for Blogger blogs with the basic, standard templates, but this one actually isn’t that bad. Aside from the Google search bar that’s not only superfluous but also too big for the sidebar, there isn’t too much to complain about on this blog.

The layout is blue, and I like blue. It looks good and even though it’s a standard, it’s not one of the horribly overused ones. The archives list is about ten miles long, which is a little bit overwhelming, and as I stated, there’s a Google search bar. (I’m sorry, but I don’t get the point of implementing search boxes on blogs. If someone wants to use Google, it doesn’t take that much extra effort to just GO to Google.)

There are two authors on the blog, which we learn from the “Contributors” section. Other than this and a handful of links, there aren’t really any extras or plugins. This isn’t a bad thing, so I’ve got no complaints about that.

The content is pretty average, and there’s talk about lots of things. It’s a two-author blog, but only one of these authors seems to write, which leaves me wondering. There are posts about basketball and Lost, neither of which catches my attention too terribly much.

However, some people might really like this blog, and that makes me happy for them. I, however, will not be adding this blog to my blogrolls. It falls just short of being “good” and lies in the middle zone of “average”.NULL