Review 3041

I don’t know about you, but when I read a title like CPU Time, I’m almost certain I’m going to be reviewing a weblog chock full of computer-related information. Just as you should never judge a book by its cover, this is a situation where you should never judge a weblog by its title. This is actually a weblog, as the author describes it, which features “ten poems that describe a day in the life of a computer programmer”. The poems were written in the 90s, the author goes on to say. And, yes, you are reading that correctly – this weblog only has ten posts.

Layout-wise, there’s not much to this site. It’s a standard Blogger template, and while it does fulfill its purpose of being a neat and clean layout, it certainly does not add to the creativity value of the site. It’s a two-layout format, with the weblog in a main column and the typical archive-filled side column adjacent to it. A quick clink on the Technorati link listed in the sidebar reveals that there aren’t currently any other sites that link to this weblog.

As standard with Blogger templates, I was able to read a bit more about the author on his profile at the content management system’s site. Our author for these poems is Chris. He’s a writer from Greece, and according to the information on his profile, is no stranger to the blogging world, as it lists four other weblogs he has a part in publishing.

Reviewing and judging a weblog of poetry is no easy task. A poem is written in quite a different light compared to the typical weblog entry. These ten poems are all written in the same format, and they each deal with a different aspect of a programmer’s day. Beginning with his morning of trying completely waking up and ending with enjoying good brandy and a jazz band after his work day has finished, this weblog really does take you through the entire course of the day a computer programmer might experience.

The rating is the hardest part in reviewing this type of weblog. The creativity aspect of this site is terrific. It screams computer geek while appealing to more than just your average computer programmer. The concept of following the entire day, one poem at a time, is a particularly original one. However, ten entries don’t really constitute a weblog. I would like to see this weblog expand past its ten entries, making it a true weblog.

In summary, it’s a great concept, great follow through, and great talent and skill for poetry. I just left the site wanting more. It’s definitely worth reading and worth its entire 4.5 rating.