Review 3061

I click the link to get to mooncolors and I notice that this isn’t a regular word blog… it’s a photoblog. A quite nice one, however. There was only one post that I saw up, but with a little scrolling I find the archives area where I can view one other photo at a time.

The pictures are beautiful. They’re taken and edited to look like they were painted (at least that’s what I gathered; there wasn’t much description to them) and done quite well. There aren’t very many posts, and there’s practically nothing to read except for the rare comment or two on pictures, and most of the pictures aren’t explained at all other than the title given to them.

The layout is very simple, black and purple, and the only extras there are to speak of are links, either internal or links to the photographer’s Cafe Press site for the most part. There’s a blog band in the top for Make Poverty History… I guess the blogger is somewhat of an activist.

Basically, there isn’t really enough content on this site to discern it as being good or bad. It’s definitely just starting out and could potentially become a wonderful photoblog if it stays up, but for now there really isn’t enough to keep anyone hooked.NULL