Review 2927

“Not another site on dating and flirting”, was an initial thought when going through this blog. On skimming through the posts the answer was a different story. Even though the blog claims that this is about mainly flirting and a little bit of flirting and others, I could find more stuff on dating than on flirting.

Time and effort have been put into most of the posts in this blog. This is not very much evident while skimming or going through the site. However, when you read them carefully you can see links on some words of the posts that tend re-instigate what the author is putting across. These links take us to other sites where we get to read the whole account of the comment the author has put in the post. This is an interesting way of not putting too much in a single post, and is left up to the reader to go to the link or be content with the author’s comments. Even though this may not suit some blogs, it quite suits this blog so that the posts do not tend to be long-winded. Anyone looking for some fun tips or straight-forward information on flirting from the author’s point of views will be interested in this blog. The blog also has a number of links to the side of the blog for the reader to explore depending upon one’s interests. The way the author alternates sometimes between regular posts and pictures to re-iterate a point or just fun is eye-catching.

The design of the blog is not so great. The colors have not been mixed well to be web-friendly. There are too many links on the side of the blog to make too much of a difference – too many links to choose from that could confuse a reader. Too many times have I found myself in a site where there are too many links to choose from and I rarely go through more than two of the top ones.

All in all it is a good site for some flirting/dating related fun reading and a little information/idea to cap it all.
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