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This is an interesting site. It’s got a nice template and sums up the site in the sidebar with “Flirting is the primary focus. Maybe a little dating, a touch of sex, a hint at the world of relationships. But really, it’s about flirting. Adventures and anecdotes, stories and advice. Flirting as an art unto itself.”

It’s written by “Dan” and ostensibly someone named “Alex Arcadia” but I never saw a post by Alex Arcadia, only Dan. And here’s my gripe: It’s a site about flirting that gives not a single clue as to who is writing the site. Dan’s profile turns up empty (as does Alex Arcadia’s). Come on. You’re gonna be flirting, talking about flirting, linking to stories about flirting…we want to know who we are flirting with, Dan. Anonymity is fine, but at least give us a city or state, throw your readers a bone.

That being said, it’s a really fun read, this blog. I’m going to guess he lives in Washington, D.C. (if Dupont Circle, which he refers to often, is in D.C.–my guess), so a flirt in a big city lends itself to good stories. I like his writing style, very succinct, often including photos he takes of people he flirts with and subsequently asks their opinion of flirting.

A favorite ‘flirt on the street’ interview comes from Diana who says of making eye contact, “Don’t stare. Don’t be creepy. Don’t make animal noises.” Dan links to other flirt sites, tries to dispel or confirm flirting myths, and strives to be a source for all things flirting. He does a good job of it, too.City Flirting

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