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Butterfly Dani I thought, ok, a guy that’s into butterfly’s, when the page loaded I had a d’oh moment and realised Dani was a female.

The load of the page was pretty quick and it’s simplistic design, white background was easy to read and easy on the eyes. I liked that there weren’t too many links along the side panel and for that I was grateful. All her links worked perfectly. Her “about me” page was well written and insightful, and if that wasn’t enough of a clue to who Dani was, you could then go to her “100 things” list which gave you some more information about who the author really is.

I think for myself, I was pleasantly surprised with this blog. You see, it took me forever to actually get through all the archives, as well as the reading of the entry’s that date back to March 2003. So to start off, I read her March 2003 first entry and delved in from there.

I believe that Butterfly Dani is mainly a personal blog. More for the author’s own benefit, I see she has a few people that comment to her blog as friends and acquaintances.

She writes really well and her entry’s are full of character, so much so that after a couple of months entry’s I could see that her writing style would and could easily be her real self. In that, I mean that a lot of people use their blogs as a means of putting across idea’s and opinions that maybe they wouldn’t say to someone in real life or admit too in real life, sometimes typing words on a screen mean that people can embellish. But with Dani, I get the feeling that she is quite an upfront kind of girl and that she can be brutally honest when need to be. I like that. Every woman needs some spunk.

Much of the author’s blog is dedicated to her ex-boyfriend, the break up, her cats, her school life and her work life. A few things thrown in here and there, like her photo’s link, which I think is a nice touch.

I’m not quite sure why this blog is listed to be reviewed again since it’s apparently already been reviewed, but hey, it’s in the list and I’m only doing what the PTB wants!

Overall though, I believe that the honesty and character that is Dani, shines through in this blog and that even though it doesn’t have anything that might draw me back, it does contain her written self, so go check it out.
Butterfly Dani

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