Review 2911

Now here’s an interesting vacation concept, I thought when I saw “The Home Exchanger” listed as one of the sites submitted for review. Why pay for a hotel when you can swap stays in each other’s homes? Sounds good to me!

“The Home Exchanger” is, of course, a travel site promoting the practice of home exchanges. Imagine you live in Atlantic City, New Jersey. You want to travel to Reykjavik, Iceland. At the “Home Exchanger,” you may find someone from Iceland who wants to visit New Jersey, and this person may want to swap an apartment, house, or condo with you.

The design of “The Home Exchanger” is a well-executed variation of a standard blog template. The links’ topics are well-organized, the graphics are crisp and clean, and it’s easy to find information about this travel service. On the sidebars, you’ll see several pictures of houses around the world from owners participating in the exchange. Destinations include Amersterdam, Dublin, Florence, Hawaii, London, Madrid, New York City, Paris, and San Francisco.

I’m from West Virginia, of course, and I didn’t see any listings for anyone looking to visit Appalachia when I visited. Hopefully, however, additional readers will find this site, and “The Home Exchange” will list additional locations around the world for people to visit.

I have no plans to exchange homes with anyone, and I should also mention that travel does not interest me now. (It may in the future.) But, for me, this site is unique, well-written, and offers helpful content for anyone interested in this service. That’s why I’m giving it a rating of five.
The Home Exchanger