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Creative Living was a title which had instant appeal, and led me to hope that I would be encountering a weblog of a creative individual; either a writer or an artist perhaps. I was not to be disappointed on this score because on finding the about me page I was greeted with the following “I’m a writer and therapist living in Reading, Berkshire happily with my partner and cats”. On that note I ventured into the archives.

I was not really surprised to discover that the author of Creative Living writes very well. Many of her entries are personal in origin; random musings and thoughts on writing specifically. I found myself more and more drawn into her entries the further I read. I was also pleased to find a link to her website Fiona Robyn, which displays examples of poetry and extracts from her novels. I think one other aspect of her writing that I found interesting was the mode of her entries; seemingly written to promote thought. I really liked that.

The design on the whole was however a little generic for my tastes, a little too much like your average blogger template. But it was easy to read, navigate and didn’t detract from the content. It did nothing to really catch your eye either, and I do feel a nicely designed template which is eye catching without being over the top would really assist this author in obtaining the readership I believe she deserves.

All in all I really enjoyed the time I spent at Creative Living. I found it beautifully written, and thought provoking. It left me wanting to know more about the author, and read her works. I would recommend, where possible, design alternations and incorporation of her weblog into her main writing site. A weblog with real potential, and a must for any blogroll.

creative living

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