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Maybe it’s just me, but it took a few minutes to figure out what “animusmeansmind” read or said – but I finally got it – “Animus means Mind” in case anyone else was stumped by this blog name.

But moving on … this blog is by Jade, who is a high school student. I say this because I myself passed through high school quite sometime ago and so I am not very interested in things that high schoolers usually write about. But this young lady has excellent writing skills! She does not update very often, about once every 10 days, but her posts are usually detailed, long but not too long, and interesting. She stills write about the usual things that happen during high school life, like almost getting into trouble with the almost cops (i.e. school ‘police’), getting into it with fast food employees and such, but it’s the kind of reading which instead of making you think, “God I hate reading about this high school, teenager crap” instead leaves you reminiscing with a smile, taking you back to when you actually did that sort of thing, and thinking, “Oh yes, that was fun then, but what the hell was I thinking?” and then you want to read a few more of the archived entries.

Jade even managed to make a cute blogdrive template with a cartoon female vixen. The blog is very easy to navigate, but there is not much more content other than the blog. There is a link to fiction written by Jade. This was ‘interesting’ reading, and as she points out at the other site, the stories are RATED R (or as I would like to point out, rated XXX).

Overall, this blog makes for a good read. What I liked most was it was a fun read and a look into the mind of a high school student. I think it could be improved by updating a bit more often.Looking for My Animus

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