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Glancing at the title to this blog I thought that it would be a lifestyle slanted blog. And you are not much far off the mark. It’s a blog written by Fiona, who is an author over in cold cold England. Her blog is about her musing in regards to her work, her thoughts and questions that the above combined result in.

The blog is another of those basic blogger templates. It’s white, with green breaking up the white as well as the entry’s. There isn’t much clutter, at all actually. She has her links to other pages as well as some other miscellaneous links at the bottom of her side bar. A link to her own website, which gives you a broader view of the author herself as well as links to Amazon and her book that she’s written. Outwardly I don’t see anything wrong with this blog at all, unfortunately, I’m just not interested in the whole “self help” kind of blog.

I am not sure why this blog is listed under the creative writing category, as I think it falls more into a personal category. It speaks about self help issues, mainly taken from the author’s day to day happenings that she might write about and turned into little questions or as she calls them Coaching Exploration’s, how to solve certain things about yourself, how to find other ways of dealing with things that you may not be dealing with.

Basically it’s another self help weblog.

Which is why I gave it a 2. It doesn’t have anything really wrong with it, it might get better, it might not, but it just doesn’t interest me either.
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