Review 2922

When first looking at this blog, the reader is struck with the simplicity of the author’s style of writing. Not only is the blog simple in the deliverance of some complex concepts, so is the style of writing which is flowing and straight to the point. Reading one post may not be enough for the reader to understand what sorts of topics are dealt with in this blog. However, as one goes through the other entries the “musings” are quite clear. Putting your point across to the multitude of readers who come from different backgrounds, as most bloggers are, is not a moot point and the author puts her point quite easily across in her posts.

“Creative Living” as the blog title says, gives you a good idea on what this blog is all about. On reading through the posts one would find instances and ideas that give thought for improving one’s outlook of life and personal notions. All these ideas are interlaced with thought-provoking instances which bring a smile to one’s face as well as food for thought. This blog is good reading for anyone interested in knowing another point of view and take on common personal and individual self exploration thoughts.

The design is simple and pleasant. There aren’t any bright colors that could distract the eye from the context of the blog to the design itself. The links on the right side of the blog need to be more organized as they seem a little haywire without proper arrangement.

All in all it is a good site for people who love to enjoy reading about self exploration and an occasional poem. The blog is quite interactive and can entrap the reader.
creative living

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