Review 2907

Glimpsing at the title of this blog and waiting for it to load, I thought maybe I’d be coming across a personal blog, written by a female, in letter form about their life. It’s not far from what you actually get from Victoria’s blog. She doesn’t have an about me page, but going through her archives you find that she has a list of 200 things, she talks about herself and the way she’s got her categories set up makes it easy to click on the “about me” category she has listed to get some more info.

I believe that this blog holds a bit of everything. Inspiration, light hearted banter, poems & quotes. For the lack of specific information about the author herself, she makes up for it with the content in her blog. Some things she writes are personal, other’s are very general, but still make you think & reflect.

Always Victoria is definitely a blog that pulls you in and warms your heart. The design of the blog isn’t too shabby either! Apart from the pin striped background, I really enjoyed the various skins. They gave character and added to the whole experience that is Always Victoria.

Briefly, all her links worked, I loved the fact that she had archives listed as well as categories, she’s a woman after my own heart. It makes viewing easier and finding particulars even easier.

Overall, I gave Always Victoria a 4.25 only because I couldn’t find anything that was unique to the author on there. The blog is very well written and enjoyable to read, some of the entry’s I did skim because they didn’t appeal to me, but kudos to the author for making it a blog that has so far kept my interest levels above bored!Always Victoria

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