Review 2519

My first impression of this site was how vibrant the colors were, and how touching the sidebar photo was. I thought this site was going to be dedicated to individuals with breast cancer, due to the sidebar link inviting visitors to donate to this worthy cause.

But I was mistaken. I lurched through a horrifically descriptive paragraph including memorable quotes such as “One can only hope that it’ll all come out because it’s sure gurgling and moving, and pinching, and spasming and the whole bowel show” Oh My Goodness. I was alarmed, but intrigued, and continued on, expecting to find more lurid details of her personal life.

However, as I read on, I became increasingly touched with this woman’s life. Her insight into her marriage, her family, and herself is gentle, yet still open and honest. She has a solid base in blogging techniques, cleverly linking you to Christmas Carols by clicking on a record cover, or a flash presentation of family photos. Heading through the archives, I found that she also has hosted a number of photobloggers on her site, and her blog is packed with her personal photography successes as well. She is an amazing photographer, and gives you an intimate view into her inner eye & private life.

The design of her weblog is just right. While the colors are a bit of a strange pick, they do nothing to detract from the overall layout of her blog. She cleverly inserts comics, photos and links to give a visual & mental break to her entries. On the whole, the layout is clean, and pleasing to the eye.

All of these extra features truly add to the quality of this blog. I love the little perks like “The Riri Quiz” where you show how well you know her, based on answering questions pertaining to information inside of her blog.

I highly recommend visiting this blog. I found that I felt connected to this woman, through cyberspace, and that is a rare thing. Enjoy her intelligence, her photography & her take on life.Riri’s Brain Dump