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From the title, I thought I would be coming across a blog about living out on a farm somewhere. What you do get instead is a dark pink blogger background and a light pink blog main column where the text is. Usually, I quite like pink, but this is screaming so much pink that I’m now seeing pink tinges on my white screen.

The blog itself is about a woman, Magz, who doesn’t have much info about herself on her profile page although if you do read more than a few of her posts you will see her personality start to come through her writing. You can also find pictures scattered throughout the blog of herself, her son and various other people as well as shots of the sky. Magz writes about various personal experiences and events.

The reason that I gave this blog a 2, well apart from pinkifying my corneas, is because Magz’ writing is entertaining, but hard to read as she doesn’t break up her paragraphs or sentences. Instead she uses the … quite a bit, which I find irritating as well as hard to follow.

Overall though, I’d defiantly recommend this blog to anyone who might want to know how long it takes to get cable installed in South Arizona and something along the lines of “end up loster then ole Ponce de Leon”. I have no idea what that means, but I’m guessing that it’s probably similar to our “Drier than a dead dingo’s donger”.

maggiez farm

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