Review 2879

Simple white template. You can’t beat simplicity, especially when the text needs to stand out more than the template. First sighting of the blog quite quickly lets you know that it is a book reviewing blog. What you expect is book reviews and that is what you get.

I found that the side panel with the drop down menu of alphabeticalised author/book reviews was greatly helpful! Debra also has a similiar drop down menu for interviews with authors and book clubs. I think it makes the site a lot easier to navigate and makes it much easier to find something specific if you were looking for a particular author or book.

The only problem I seemed to have was when I tried to access the link to Debra’s own book, from her about the blogger link it kept coming up with an error message.

If you are a book worm and quite like reading about other’s opinions about certain books, then this site is definately worth checking reviews

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