Review 2819

I don’t even know how to begin to give this site a rating. It is a blog of very self-explanatory nature because it is called “” and therefore one assumes it is a blog about bioethics. That would be a correct assumption. Bioethics is a subject which touches every one of us in some profound way, so it is simply a fascinating blog.

It was started by the founding editor-in-chief of The American Journal of Bioethics (AJOB) and is hosted by two other associate editors of AJOB. They are all PhDs and really like to blog. I say this because of the great number of posts each day–so much to say, so much to do! (It must be a thrill to get information out there so quickly when before they had to wait until AJOB was published.) In the “What is this?” sidebar heading you find out these men started the blog because “bioethics clearly needs a good blog” and they are “trying to create it.”

What I found almost immediately was that this blog wasn’t simply scientific jargon regurgitated. It has humor. As you would imagine stem cells are an ongoing topic on the blog. On one post called “Pigs Never Need Die Again,” someone writes about a recent Johns Hopkins stem cell group study on pigs with heart problems. The last sentence reads “No word on how they recruited pigs with heart problems to the study.” (chuckle)

I hope more and more people find out about this blog and leave some much needed comments. There is no authority on bioethics like these guys, so learn somethng new from them today.

I do wish they would archive some of their articles instead of running them all on the main page. I mean, when you are posting and updating several times a day, posts from October don’t need to be on your main page. (Think about the poor suckers who still use a dial-up connection!) Archive, doctors, archive.