Review 2866

I had mixed initial thoughts as I began reading through the blog. I noticed there were a lot of posts referring to America, which there is nothing on the blog pointing to a tie to America. The author was very intriguing and pulled me into reading almost every article he had posted. I felt this site was interesting and honest. The author wrote about many different subjects and brought a lot of things to light.

This blog is a group of feelings posted by the author on many different topics. I felt his articles to be thought out, even though he claims in his disclaimer page that they are spur of the moment. I think the author ponders over his thoughts prior to blogging. His topics range from Walmart to Michael Jackson. SUVs to other tech toys that he has purchased or pondered over.

The design of the site was very elegant. It had a professional feel and look to it. This layout and design helps keep readers on the site for there are not annoying advertisements or tons of pictures. It was easy on the eyes. Its layout was just overall awesome.

I loved how he told the feelings of a true person. Rather than just ranting and raving he made it interesting. He claims to be arrogant or at least he is referred to as arrogant. You can see arrogance in some places, but overall a good read.

I would recommend everyone to visit this site. It appears to put in words what most people feel. I know it did for me personally. Good Job! Keep up the good work. I would make one suggestion: I noticed that when you started your blog you posted articles more frequently, then as time went on you gradually lowered the amount of posts in a month. I know blogs can be time consuming, but with your talent and interesting articles I would like to see more in quantity, while keeping the same quality.
Unadulterated Arrogance