Review 2863

“Thunder Roadie” greeted me with your average “click-and-choose,” pre-made Blogger template. Seeing the bland layout constituting of a white background, dark gray text, and orange titles made me hesitate, but when I got past this inhabition, I soon was reading the weblog profusely.

“Thunder Roadie” is what I would call a fairly new weblog, even if it has technically been around since August 2004. The author has taken many hiatuses, and only in the last month or two, he seems to be getting into the feel of weblogging. In fact, the author himself said, on his first post, that he needs to find his “blog-voice,” and while there are hints of a voice in his later posts, sometimes the author falls into a common pitfall: telling the reader everything about his day, or details that wouldn’t interest most readers.

However, some entries showed hidden talent and a definite “voice.” These entries were humorous, light-hearted, thoughtful, and generally a fun read. A good example was “Unspotless Minds,” where I felt my heart-strings tug, or “Who’s My Daddy?” where I found myself chuckling.

“Thunder Roadie” deserves a four because of the honest try the author is giving, and how much he has improved. But, like fine wine, this blog needs to develop a bit more before it can be truly wonderful.Thunder Roadie