Review 2863

When I read the title of this blog, I must admit that I got pretty excited. Finally I was going to read a blog about the life of a Harley driving, leather wearing roadie; who hopefully had a mullet and for some reason needed to blog in order to reach his inner child. So right off the bat, I was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t yet found such a blog.

Instead I found a personal blog written by a stand-up comedian from Chicago. There was no information in the “my profile” section, and I had to hunt through the archives to find out who was behind this blog. That’s something I would never do, unless I was reviewing a site. I would recommend more personal info in that section.

I couldn’t find his real name anywhere on the site. Personally, I like to know my bloggers by name, especially those who write personal blogs. I have a hard time relating to someone who simply goes by “Thunder Roadie.” Unless he drives a Harley, wears leather, and has a mullet.

The layout of this blog is very simple. It’s just a basic blogger template with absolutely zero additions. There was a single link to “The Weblog Review,” at the bottom of the blog atop a site counter. I found no other out-going links. It was almost refreshing not to have a million things blinking at me and asking me to go visit other places, but a few links to some favorite sites would have been helpful. There were also no pictures to be found anywhere, and I’m a big fan of pictures as well.

The writing itself was well done. I didn’t find any mistakes, and it’s easy to follow and non-offensive. Most of the blogs are about Thunder Roadie’s everyday life. It’s a relatively new blog (starting in August) with two months only having one post. So I’m not sure if Thunder Roadie is writing frequently enough to keep readers coming back. I would also like to hear a bit more about the life that is specific to comedians, and less about things that I read in every other blog.

All of that being said, I hope that Thunder Roadie keeps up what he is doing. Please take this review and all criticism with a grain of salt, and keep blogging the way you want to. After all, you’re not blogging to please anyone but yourself.
Thunder Roadie