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This particular weblog is the creation of “local NPR commentator on WFPL, published poet, and writer,” Paul McDonald. And while the layout was relatively mundane (one of those Blogger pre-made templates), I was looking forward to reading this weblog. It had all the ingredients to be really interesting.

Unfortunately, I left the weblog with mixed feelings. Although Paul McDonald’s writing experience shows, and his words flow, I found this weblog very difficult to read. First off, many of the entries were in poetry form. While this is certainly an original way to approach writing a weblog entry, I found it tedious. My view is that poetry is poetry, and anecdotes are anecdotes; the latter is better in prose form, and the latter is what makes up a weblog. Secondly, the entries that weren’t in poetry form tended to be a little wordy at times and I sometimes found my attention wandering.

Which is a shame, because it isn’t like “Alleged Gravitas” doesn’t have anything to offer. The subjects of the entries are interesting; usually dealing with current affairs. Maybe “Alleged Gravitas” is aimed toward a certain target audience, but I wasn’t sure if it was aimed for me.Alleged Gravitas

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