Review 2858

A nice, clean layout greeted me as I entered this blog for the first time. This is a very interesting person with an interesting blog and I think John really thinks about what it is he wants to convey through his blog before posting the entries.

Although, the audio .wav message just below his photo leaves a lot to be desired. John, think of something a little more humorous and try it again. From the looks of your blog, I’d say you can think of something much funnier.

I do like the colors and design however, I think it could be spruced up, possibly with a logo graphic. It appears as though very little thought went into the layout, which is fine but, I think the blog would be much more appealing and have greater reader value with a few tweaks of the layout.

Overall, I would probably recommend this blog to others but, it wouldn’t be #1 on the list.

The Church of Dysfunction