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I immediately liked Tales of a Modern Junkie for its black, white, and grey interface. The color really popped.

The postings are very short and the blogger, Joey, doesn’t seem to like using proper punctuation, which makes the blog hard to read. The postings are about his mundane life. Here’s a post that pretty much sums up the writing style:

anyways gas is super expensive and it sucks, and on top of that it was super hot outside i thought i would totally melt away. the clouds were nice and the sky was a deep blue, i love the sun but it was just too hot, i thought i would just die

The site is on Modblog, a blogging service I’m not familiar with. If a template was used originally, it looks like it’s been modified extensively. This blog is worth a look because it pushes the envelope of blog design.

One other item of note is that it has a login/password entrance. I have to admit I didn’t sign up, so I don’t know what kind of extra material awaits members.Tales Of A Modern Junkie

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