Review 2815

The tagline of this blog is what drew me in. That and the big picture of a robin right above the title. “The day to day ramblings of a computer addicted woman and her cats who escaped the ‘big city’ for an idyllic life in the middle of nowhere.” is what it says and then, in the profile picture
a cartoon of a brown-haired woman holding a cat. I like cats so I read on.

In the latest posts, which display on the page, there isnĀ¹t really very much
about the cats. But scrolling down I find a delightful story about Ditto (one of her cats, Poppy is the other) who “stalks” a pizza slice straight from her hands proceeding to claw it from her grasp then drag it off across
the floor.

There are an astounding number of visitors for a personal blog (9810 when I visited), which is pretty impressive, considering the archives only begin in May 2004.

I loved the sparkly things that come up around your cursor that she has on all her links. The design is very basic—one of the
Blogspot templates; black and blue– but the writing is chatty and personal.

I did object to the overuse of the ellipses that she has done in her older posts, but the more current ones have corrected that problem. At times though her humour seems somewhat forced, it’s clear she’s at her best when she’s not trying too hard (as are we all). Several links lead off from this
site, including her homepage, gallery and the usual “100 things about me”. Those are a little more experimental in design, still not mind-blowing, but they do use fancy bullets and the like.

But a good personal blog nonetheless–nothing remarkable, but worth a read.
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