Review 2538

Alright. I admit. I was curious about I didn’t know what to expect, other than it was a humor blog.

Well, first things first, the layout of the blog is certainly not as spectacular as it’s name suggests – it’s a very simple Blogspot layout that’s been slightly reworked and that’s something I believe should be improved upon. The idea behind the blog is great, I do believe it should have a layout that reflects the actual content. A very annoying factor was the Boss Key. It’s a floating graphic that gets in the way of the text and I didn’t appreciate it. Having a huge picture that says “Boss Key” each time you flick to various entries also totally defeats the purpose of having such a function when it can be easily read from a few feet away (and face it, if our boss is sneaking up on us, we’re not going to know he/she’s there until the very last second anyway).

The archives are set out nicely by category and are easily to go through, there’s even a handy-dandy search function. The list of their favorites is also pretty good – lots of stuff to waste time at work and build a case to have someone complain about you through

Their “About” page really sums up the blog nicely:

“Well there is not much to say except that this site is a collection of stories submitted by people just like yourself dealing with the very same problems.

Sometimes the only way to get through these damn work days besides surfing sites without getting caught is to have a good laugh. “

And that’s about it, only I don’t find people complaining about their jobs particularly funny (it’s a personal thing). It’s interesting to see what people have to say about their bosses or the people they work with (supposed “fools”) but it’s not hilariously comical I’m afraid.

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