Review 2788

The first post I came across on this blog was entitled “All this and the beach, too.” And it made me laugh. The visual images it conjured up into my head were wonderful. So I thought I was really going to like this blog and the author (Grace) who claims to be Dr. Laura’s worst nightmare. Heck, I even liked the title of the blog and its subtitle (“Proud feminist of a belly-pierced teen diva who’s turning out just fine, thank you.”)

I wish I liked it more than I ultimately did.

The blog is only two months old and has a very plain (or clean, depends on how you like to look at it) template. Neither of these things influenced me one way or the other, however. The blog jumps right into semi-nonsensical posts that I’m guessing are notes that she and her friends wrote to each other while they were in high school (and also junior high). Notes, as in the loose-leaf paper notes you passed your friends in the hallways with crude drawings and things like ‘BFF’ adorning them. (Now teens use Instant Messaging and, well, blogging for ramblings such as this.)

It’s really hard to say why Grace feels the need to post these notes because she gives very little explanation (okay, no explanation) on why or what they mean to her life today. Or her daughter’s life. It isn’t until a post later in her blog (Passing Notes) that we have any inclination as to the note publishing. But even this post is full of insider references which leave the average reader completely and utterly confused.

The ‘About Me’ section, while humorous, is lacking in so many ways. I honestly like to know why someone takes the time to start a blog, post old high-school notes on it, and tell complete strangers about her life, family, job, political leanings, the list goes on.

I could only find one post under the category of “Modern Parenting,” and this post was about none other than Dr. Laura. I expected to find many, many more about Dr. Laura judging from the blog’s title. I didn’t.

If you’re looking for rants about Dr. Laura, this isn’t the place to go. It is the place to go if you know Grace and therefore will understand much of the things she posts—especially the cryptic notes from school. I Am Dr. Laura’s Worst Nightmare