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Petite Anglaise. What in the world does Anglaise mean? I knew petite, but anglaise threw me for a loop. So with only the word “little” to help me on my review I began to read.

The page loaded up to a modified blogger template that didn’t really do much for me. I noticed that it looked a bit funky in both Mozilla and Safari but the site was definitely readable. The funkiness did not distract from the weblog itself so I wasn’t too out of the loop. While we are on the design, as I said it is a modified blogger template with the two columns, rounded edges and of course the little bio section.

Onto the blog itself. I found the entries to be very easy to read. All of them talk about what is going on in “petite anglaise’s” life with a focus on Mr. Frog and a Tadpole (read significant other and child). None of the entries really struck out at me as a “Wow I gotta read this site”, but after reading several posts I was hooked in.

The author’s posts at random do not really make too much sense, but as a whole they tell a story. Now I am not a female with a kid living in France and speaking two different languages, but I could relate to a lot of what the author was talking about. This is impressive considering the lack of obvious connections to begin with.

I have to say I enjoyed my time reading this site. While the design could be improved with something more custom to the author, her newness to the blogging scene gives her this freedom. Oh yeah after going crazy trying to figure out what anglaise means, I finally went to a translation tool and translated it from French to English. What does it mean? English. So the name of the site is just Little English. Well Little English you did well and while this is a late birthday present; I hope you continue your blog as you have only just begun to tell your story.petite anglaise

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