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When I first read the title of ingrown brain stem I thought this had to be a joke. And sure enough this site is listed in the Humor category. I knew this site was going to be funny, or at least try to be, but what would be the subject of this comedy. We shall find out.

I was really happy to find a site that had a nice clean design. This looks like a template, but then again, what doesn’t these days. The site has a black and white motif going, with the occasional red and it reminded me of a website that won an award for being all black and white back in 1999. One thing I didn’t pick up on right away, but adds even more is the subtle bio-hazard sign behind the blog entries.

The posts are very well written and enjoyable. The author does have a good sense of humor and injects it into his writings. Topics range from a variety of topics which are mainly current events. This lead to it being harder to enjoy all of the archives because for some reason I am not fond on old current events. However, this does mean that I will get a good laugh when I visit it from now on.

My biggest complaint is the archives. CopyGodd (the author) has separated them by category and by date which is a good thing, but they are all presented in a drop down box. Personally I am not a fan of the drop down box as it means more work for me. I prefer the archives to just be a list of links. The drop down box does save space, but this could easily be resolved with a simple javascript hide/show script.

I found this site to be a refreshing site and enjoyed it. I will be back on a semi-regular basis for a little pick me up and I think that is what this site can do best for people. CopyGodd has a good site and hopefully this review will help lead him in his battle with his other site in gaining more visitors.ingrown brain stem

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