Review 2779

This is a very new blog, only active since September 2004. The description reads, “Tuntutuliak is a native Eskimo village in S.W. Alaska. I moved here to teach after four years at Sulzberger Middle School in Philadelphia. I set up this blog just for fun.” Written by David Miller, this blog is a whole new world for the vast majority of us—and also to him. And it’s a wonderful world.

Mr. Miller has recently purchased a digital camera and has posted some absolutely beautiful photos from outside his living room window and other scenes of life in “Tunt.” Even the photos of the Tunt Dump are enchanting. It’s all so crisp and scenic and, of course, his eye for photography is excellent and that makes a difference as well.

Be sure to check out his After the First Week post of things he has learned or noticed after living there only one week. It will truly take you to another place (and it makes you realize how for-granted we take our indoor plumbing systems).

If I were David, I would take advantage of the blogger Spell Check feature because, as a teacher, he shouldn’t be misspelling words like “appriciate.” This is a minor concern, but something I felt should be addressed.

I hope that he continues to post regularly to his blog because it is simply fascinating to look at his new environment from the outside. I can’t wait to see what turns his life in Alaska takes via his posts and also his photos. As one Anonymous poster said, “Most blogs leave me feeling alone. This one doesn’t.” Well said.
To Philly, From Alaska, w/love