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Three Kid Circus is an unrelentingly PINK page. A plain jane pink that fills every nook and cranny. But after about 30 seconds of reading, I didn’t care about blog design anymore. I was laughing too hard to notice.

Our blogger lives in Northern California and is the mother of three children. The header of the blog contains these words:

“Humorous tales, petty rants and random life events, as experienced by the slightly crazed mom to three busy kids, aged 5 and under. Go on, ask me if I planned it this way…”

In her first entry from July of this year she spells out the purpose of her blog:

” I intend to use this as a sanity saving forum for my own amusement.
I guess that’s my mission statement.”

Well, in the process of amusing herself, she also amused me.

She writes in a zany freewheeling style that takes you on a Mommy rollercoaster, laughing all the way. I especially enjoyed the entry of July 15 entitled “The Groceries Are Coming!” Read that one first.

And when you finish that, read July 31st. “Fantasy Life”.

Oh what the heck read the whole blog. You can do it too. This is a new blog and if you act now you can catch up to the present and then bookmark it. There are no bells or whistles on this page, just a modest list of other Mommy blogs that she recommends and a few other links. But it doesn’t need bells and whistles. The writing stands on its own. And she certainly has fulfilled her stated purpose on this blog, and lucky for us, we get to go along for the ride.

Three Kid Circus

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