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Dozer’s Blog has a fairly generic Blogspot template, but it manages to be pleasant due to the toned down colors. The pale blue background and black lettering for the texts works well. So does the font size which is readable without being in your face. He has been blogging since January of 2004.

Our author is 23, and works at the Tacoma Dome. His entries consist of a fair number of Quizilla links and results. Quotes of the Day, short comments with links to the usual web curiosities and a high percentage of announcements about the upgrades he has made to his page round out the entry topics.

While he writes lucidly, the subject matter is of the most ordinary stuff. I was thinking that it might be interesting to hear some bits of information about the groups that come and go at the Tacoma Dome, or perhaps some character sketches or memorable anecdotes about dealing with crowds of people… but it was not to be.

In the sidebar, are the usual links to blogs he reads, camera shots, archives and a section with clickable headlines from Wired News.

While this was not an obnoxious blog, it certainly was not a very interesting one. If our author wants to attract more readers, I would suggest spicing up his writing with things from his own life and work, and less about what’s going on at Quizilla this week. He might be surprised at the results.

Dozer’s Blog of Life and Other Observations

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