Review 2746

Aww… This is certainly a cute blog. It’s only been in existence for three months but you can tell the author, Jenny, a mother of three very young children, has put a lot of time and effort into sharing the happiness and the woes of parenting. She has some very funny anecdotes to tell, others are tenderly sad at times (especially when she’s tired); but overall, she has that positive attitude and the honesty that one (like I) appreciates from bloggers.

Jenny says she submitted her blog for feedback.
My feedback would be: keep up the good work. I am not a mother (though I intend to be someday) and though I cannot identify with what she narrates, I can empathize. She makes parenting sound like a world where a lot of love, humor and hard work are involved.

Regarding the layout, the template is standard blogspot. It’s pink (which agrees with the blog feel). Personally speaking, I’m a fan of original layouts, but it takes time to learn html for blogspot; however, I’m sure Jenny will be around for quite a while. Perhaps I can recommend Blogskins for Jenny to browse through other templates. Her side bar has the usual: links to other sites, previous posts, buttons and a section dedicated to what’s entertaining her kids.

There isn’t much more to say (as it’s so new) other than it’s a pretty good start. I should also point out that she deserves credit for a very good title with a blog description that fits the content well. Good job. It’s uphill from here.

I’m sure the Moms of the blogosphere will identify with and enjoy this blog.

Three Kid Circus