Review 2740

A plain design is sometimes fitting for a blog and of course free is always a good thing. Tim Eaton, the author of 47 uses Blooger and his template of choice or indecision is Minima. Very plain, very free. With a title like “47” I had no idea what to expect. This blog’s layout is basic and very clean. Clean to the point of overly plain. The only add-on I could find was a site tracker. The rest was pretty much what you see is what you get.

Tim says he, “is a wanderer and would-be writer, living for the moment in Seattle, WA. Making coffee and looking for a place to live.” After reading his fairly new, yet not his first, blog I think he should have put at least a mention of drugs in his about section. Over half his entries involve talking about the drugs he’s on, the ones he’s done, or which one’s make him write differently. In one post he proclaims that “Drugheads are people too.” I can’t help but think that that phrase would have been a more appropriate title for this blog.

Tim is a talented writer. It seems that he can share his thoughts clearly even while on speed or heroine which is a respectable feat. The posts have a smooth and insightful flow to them. Tim seems to be very bohemian individual at heart. I came to this conclusion as he talked about buying Ramen Noodles with his last dollar and discussed his views on random women he sees throughout his day. The only problem is that you can never tell if it’s the real thing or not. Had he not activated his comments after saying that he didn’t care what people thought in his first post I would have been more prone to trust him. Proving once again that people do want to know what others think of their words. No matter how beyond that recognition they may think they are.

This blog is perfect for drug addicted twenty-somethings that still manage to function in society all the while never wanting to truly be a part of it. Each post is interesting and telling about the person that the author is at heart. More than anything it seems that Tim wants us all to know that people who do drugs are people too. The template isn’t really a catchy one, but the posts kept me reading. The more he writes about his world and the details within it the better this blog would get.