Review 2495

My first impression of “The Cracker Carnival of MrMaggoo” was that it was a fun site. The background wasn’t the prettiest color but it didn’t clash with the other colors in the scheme. There were a few animated smily faces at the top and a lot of links down the side. I figured this blog had been around a while, therefore had time to flourish and grow.

The blog was very simple a contained a few short posts on what he was doing at the time or what he was working on. I guess I was a little disappointed to find that many of his blogs weren’t interesting at all, more a little tab to keep people knowing what he’s doing. I think his set up is really nicely done, and he has a lot of things to look at on the sides but his substance leaves something to be desired.

His layout was your normal, run-of-the-mill template; nothing really stood out as impressive or attractive about it. The color scheme is easy on the eyes, which is a plus, but I think it could be enhanced by picking a different color pallet. I did enjoy some the navigation of this site because it was very clear.

Overall, I think that this is more of a blog for the author himself and perhaps a few close friends than a person who doesn’t know him at all. He seems to be just your average blogger with no special edge or style of writing.

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