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Jen describes herself as hanging around literary and artistic folk so as not to be too corporate. She is not a writer and began to worry that her post topics were wearing thin.

She may have majored in Marketing alright, but her writing seems certainly fine to me.

Jen only recently began her blog, in June of 2004. She’s comfortable revealing every-day details about her life such as her cats, her family get-togethers, her addiction to infomercials, her unemployment and the interviews she’s had to face, her fear of getting a roommate, and occasionally, a story or two about her past. It all makes for fun reading.

Jen’s strength lies in her ability to post her musings on a variety of day-to-day topics while not boring the reader. I also admire the fact that her posts are never incomprehensible one-liners, on the contrary they read as though they were well thought out.

The only complaint I could have is the Blogspot template. I’m not going to complain about Blogspot itself, as it is my home as well, but I will say this, with a little knowledge of html you can do miracles and make your blog so much more appealing. Blogger standard templates usually reveal nothing of the author in visual terms. The blogger profile is loathsome, as it offers little or no information on the user and the effect you create is similar to that of a cyber-communist utopia: “Our blogs are all alike, there must be no differences among the blogletariat.” The Blogger comment option is also a headache to use and even read.

Run Jen Run could use a little make-over and more background information on the author. The kind you get on first glance, such as an “About” link. Most every interesting detail you know about Jen comes from reading each and every one of her posts.

Summing up, this blog has very, very good possibilities. If only the template could do the blog justice, then it would surely kick off.
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