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Paper Covers opens to a black background with a cream and green color scheme. Boy Blogspot needs to give these people more choices! I found from reading the rather cursory ‘About’ page that our author is a Book Designer /Editor /Publisher living near Columbus, Ohio. This piqued my interest right away, being a writer myself. I was curious to hear about this mysterious world that all writers want to break in to.

I noticed that this was a fairly new blog, so I decided to start with the first post and work my way up to the present. Well, that turned into quite a project because Janice is a bit on the long winded side, with many of the entries extending to almost magazine article length. But I forgave her pretty quickly as I began to enjoy her writing style. There are a few almost lyrical posts inspired by everyday events in her life, along with some insightful information about the realities of publishing a book (June 16), that sent chills down my writer’s spine. There is a touching tribute to The Reagan’s long time relationship, (June 11, 2004) and a mildly humorous entry about trying to keep up with technobabble, (June 14). These are just 3 examples of the many subjects that she touches on throughout her blog.

All her writing is clear, readable and enjoyable. The multi-faceted nature of the entries kept this reader interested. She occasionally includes a photo in her posts, and with the exception of one or two entries does not overload her writing with links.

Speaking of links, she includes her favorite sites on publishing and parrots. All were in working order when I checked them.

This was a pleasant blog to visit, and I might be checking back from time to time to see what has captured her imagination that day.

Paper Covers

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