Review 2718

Two words. Blogspot Textads. Ok, I have made my point. On with the rest of the review. My first impressions of the site were good – fairly simple design, but minimalism has never been a bad thing in the world of blog templates and probably never will be. Less is more and all that. The author had a blogger profile to look at which was somewhat uninformative – name, geographical location and one-word lists of music and interests. But hey-ho, better than nothing I guess. Incidentally, she is American and erm… a she. Pretty much all you need to know to enjoy the blog. All the archives were on the main page (about three months worth) which seemed a little extreme, especially as her archive links actually seemed to be working well. Again, pretty titlebars aren’t essential to get a good review, but I don’t think they can ever do any harm. Three words. Free Blogger Templates.

Ok, so the blog isn’t the best looking blog. But the writing. Hey. Well. Groovy. I liked the writing very much. The first entry made me laugh. And the second. In fact all of them really. All the entries were the of the usual personal fair – childhood stories, what I did with my weekend, family stuff, job hunting stuff and um… tap dancing too! The entries are quite long, but my God, they are so much fun to read. The author seems to have tapped in to an effortless kind of writing which is just MADE for blogging – funny, interesting, self effacing. No spelling mistakes I could find, good grammar, some long and interesting words used. This girl can write. The only question is, why has she only been blogging since June? A natural if ever I saw one.

Ok, so this isn’t a life changing blog, I didn’t come away from here a better person and I didn’t learn anything particularly helpful. But I did come a way with a smile on my face and I did come away having had some fun, which is perhaps more important. Highly recommended – I hope this blog goes on for some time to jen run

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