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Arklahoma Boy is the name of this blog and that says it all. Upon entering the site, I saw that it was a simple 2 column setup in light blue with links and such on the right and the writing, in standard blog-entry form, on the left. Now what is Arklahoma? That’s what I ask myself. Luckily, there was a link on the right titled “Arkla What?” that answered my question.

Arklahoma is the name given to the Fort Smith region on the Arkansas/Oklahoma border. And, logically, Arklahoma boy is from that region. Simple enough I thought.

Next, I read the about section to get a feel for the author. It’s set up as a simple numbered list of personal qualities and beliefs. And let me tell you, this is one opinionated guy. He loves Lynyrd Skynrd. He’s an Iraqi war veteran. He was raised a Southern Baptist and is a die-hard Republican. He loves beer, hates France and is the only person I’ve ever come across who actually wants to hear the song when some guy yells “Play Freebird!!!!” at your local bar.

After reading this, I thought of that movie quote “I came here to do 2 things: Drink some beer and kick some butt. And it looks like we’re almost outta beer.”

Now that I have an extremely good idea of what this guy is about based on all of the stereotypes you’ve heard, I began reading the archives, which were located right below links for Alliance of Free Blogs, The Rebel Alliance, Blogs for Bush, Dixie-net and Military blogs.

Unfortunately, this blog got started on May 19th and I read the whole thing in about 15 minutes. The entries that he did have were a smattering of opinionated posts written on topics that you’d expect from Arklahoma Boy. Lynyrd Skynyrd, women in the military, sissy French people, and Ronald Reagan were some of the topic highlights.

So, there wasn’t much to review and, frankly, what I did read was very expected. Perhaps I just can’t relate to this guy, but I wish he had more to read so I could form a better opinion other than the stereotypical one I was left with. ArklahomBoy

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