Review 2642

Arriving at The ZAi, I found a clean black page with a surfer dude in the header. I liked the simple layout, uncluttered and straightforward. As I read further, I realized one reason for this is that our blogger has written his own ticket for how the site looks, since he says he set up the code himself. Many of us less technically adept must work around an already provided template.

The author is a college student and writes a fair amount about his doings at school, plus a bit of social commentary and personal philosophy. There are also accounts of the goings on of his pet hamsters, who seem to be multiplying at an alarming rate.
His writing is lucid and informative, easy to read and gives a fairly interesting peek into his student life.

I appreciated the fact that other parts of the blog were located on separate pages. There is a photo page with an impressive number of pictures of friends and local scenery. He also has links to a read page, and archives and links. Nicely organized and easy to navigate.

If I have one suggestion, (this seems to be my weblog review mantra these days) it would be for our blogger to use a larger font in his entries. Especially if he is using a black background and white text. My eyes began to cross after reading the first few entries and I ended up highlighting the text to ease the strain.

All in all, I had a pleasant visit. This is a blog that might be of interest to fellow college students and hamster owners everywhere.


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