Review 2580

This site looks very fun. I love how everything pulls together. It looks girly in pink but a little more sophisticated with the martini glasses and shoes. The colors themselves I think are great. I wanted to see what was in store.

The author, Kelly, seems very smart, but doesn’t fill her blog with things that would go right over one’s head. Due to her age, many of the posts are about school. I was able to relate to many things that she was saying. I even copied and pasted stuff that I thought was cool, like the posting of what Earth would be like if it was scaled down to 100 people (check out February). There is a few rants and rarely a boring post. A lot of the posts are about relationships, whether it be with friends, relatives, or boyfriends. Although sometimes the posts had a serious side to them I could almost never see what Kelly was thinking or feeling – it was more of a storyline.

I can only see the design as it is right now but there are several posts about the design changing. I have a feeling that designs change often with Kelly. However, I do really enjoy the current view. There really is a theme going on. As I said before, the design was fun.

This blog, although not required, has an about section. It does give highlights to what Kelly is all about, but even with her postings, I still don’t know the real Kelly. This isn’t exactly a requirement, but helps to understand things a little easier.

I really enjoyed reading Kelly’s blog. There were a lot of interesting posts about college life. I would recommend this blog to anyone in the 17-23 age category.Stumbling Upon Serendipity

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