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Finding the Joy is a lovely blog. The whole concept of the blog is lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Beautiful too. Very beautiful. It’s one of those blogs where you know you cannot possibly find anything offensive and in truth, you don’t. I dare anyone to look at this blog and not feel anything but peace and fuzzy warmness.

Just in case you can’t already tell, I loved Finding the Joy.

Elizabeth Joy (she’s worked her name into the title of the blog, I love that!) comes across as a very down-to-earth, sensible and very humane human being. Upon reading her personal ‘about me‘ information, I discovered that she started off as many blogger and journallers do the world over – a ranter. Apparently it was horrible, but I am so glad she changed her outlook because the results of her efforts are stunning. If she was planning on a rebellion against the cynicism of the world’s bloggers, then she has succeeded ten times over.

The look of the blog is what captured my attention the most. It’s so pretty. The colours are all pastel, not “girly” but definitely feminine and it really adds to the sense of comfort that one gets (or at least I get) while reading. Pink is supposed to be a calming colour so the psychologists and other head doctors say, so I suppose I can attest to the fact that it works.

The layout of the blog is pretty standard, but I cannot complain too much as Elizabeth has embelished it with an individual and pretty flair with good coding and colour choices for her menus. It all works very well together. Elizabeth is also one of those crazy cat people so the blog does have a few pictures of her pets littered around the place.

Every post I read was charming, with a thoughtful quote to begin with, and a gorgeous (or funny, in the case of this entry) picture to end with in the more recent entries. Every post is of a personal nature (naturally, because it’s a personal blog) and I felt especially fortunate to find this entry which is, as she describes within the post itself, a “Nail. Hit. Head” moment. Blogs are very angsty these days, which is why reading Finding the Joy really is such a joy. It was nice to read the entries which detailed the initial change in direction the blog had taken after Elizabeth went through some tough times.

And finally even with the death of her father last year, Elizabeth still manages to find something positive in every small thing, whether happy, sad or indifferent. I honestly think there should be more blogs out there with this outlook on life – that life is what you make of it and to enjoy it. Finding the Joy gave me hope.Finding The Joy

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