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When I finally arrived on the blog after navigating through a splash page and a rather annoying pop up requiring the reader to answer ‘qui’ or ‘non’ to the question “Would you like to vote for my site at DNW TOP 100?” my first impression was simply that the design comprised of an awful lot of shocking pink – some might say a little too much to be pleasing. But personal preferences regarding colour scheme aside the site on first impressions is bright, colourful and reasonably well laid on. I mean, personally I do not like this template layout – individual scrolling in all three columns. But these are factors I will touch on later in the review.

A small bio resides in the left hand column, which actually succeeds in providing very little information about the author at all. So I ventured off in search of the archives – first snag – where are the archives exactly? Not where I would expect them to be that’s for sure. Most sites tend to place there archives on an easily accessible archive page – or link to the them in one of the navigational columns. Not ‘In her own write’, here they are accessed by scanning down to the bottom of the middle column. That was annoying, archives in my mind should be located where they can be seen – not every reader would think to scan right down to the bottom of the centre column.

The weblog has been in existence since October 2003, and is made up of entirely personal postings about the author’s life. I’m getting the impression early on we are dealing with a fairly young person, and to be honest it is to this group this blog will largely appeal. It’s events as they happen, not life changing or thought provoking. Clearly its operated as some sort of public diary – which is fine for those readers who want to read about the life and endeavours of a young person.

The design as I mentioned earlier is, well colourful. Clearly the author is fond of the colour pink, and likes it as shocking as it comes. The template layout isn’t appealing for me, but again this is entirely personal preference – I’m not keen on having to scroll slightly down the browser to show the weblog area, and then having to scroll in each column to read what is in there. That sort of design works OK if, and only if the template fits on the screen entirely – which in this case it doesn’t. The archives were located in the centre column, not where I had expected them to be and I, for one, believe this needs re-evaluating.

On the whole ’In her own write’ isn’t all bad , it’s a fair enough contribution to this world we call blog – the design is individual and colourful, and the content although personal will no doubt appeal to those of a similar age, or in the same social circle. It isn’t a blog I would frequent on a regular basis. Adjustments to layout, less of the animated gifs in the weblog area and this site is likely to have some potential for the future – but as yet it looks and reads like just another teen blog.In her own write

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