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I Work With Fools dot com – oh, how I can relate to this URL, and I’m quite honest someone else has it. When I blog, I blog so much about the fools that I work with, this should sometimes be the title of my own personal site! I was definitely looking forward to finding out what type of fools this author works with, and especially excited to compare them with the own moronic stories of my own co-workers!

For starters, is a community based weblog. People from all different types of workforces can submit their own stories here. I found this to be an interesting concept, but it definitely makes sense. It insures more frequent updates and also provides readers with a wide variety of writing styles, as the creator of this website posts the submissions exactly how they’re sent. The site is typically updated once a day, which makes it a dependable source of humor.

I was not extremely impressed with the layout of the site. It’s made up of several different blocks of color on a black background, and loads very quickly. The bold colored blocks do set the different sections off from one another. It’s not a terrible layout by any means at all, but with such entertaining content and such a unique focus on each post, I would have liked to see something a little more original. The original logo that can be found throughout the site is such a great start and could easily be implemented into a new design.

There are a few “extras” I noticed when visiting this site, which just added to the site’s appeal. The author has a section called “ our mission“, which explains the reason behind this site in a very entertaining way. The boss key, which can be found on the right hand side of the weblog portion of the site, allows readers to click on the image, which brings up a blank browser window, hiding the content of the website you were just viewing. A clever addition to this site!

Having been rolling since June 2003, this site is certainly a fun one to visit. It’s unlike other weblogs in the sense that a random reader can stumble upon it and not need any background information to understand what each post is regarding. This site is a great idea, and one that anyone that spends time in the workplace can truly appreciate the humor that can be found

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