Review 2530

The thing I was happily surprised to notice at first glance was that the site has got an own design, but still gives you a calm and organized impression of the layout. In the corner of my eye I see the headings “today’s quotation” and “word of the day”, which probably indicate that the site is updated daily, or at least frequently. The only way to find out is by reading it.

The reason Keith started this blog is, to quote him, because he ‘wanted to try this technology out.’ This referring to the blog and all that comes in that package. He says he got the idea for starting his own blog after reading several other blogs. This is a thing you notice really quick in his posts because quite a lot of his posts test out certain technology like scripting and what happens if you change for example things in the style sheets. From time to time his post are also about what other sites or bloggers have to say on whatever subject he finds interesting, and off course the blog also contains personal content. And indeed, he updates it frequently, almost daily.

The site uses a “3 columns” design: on the left you’ve got a menu with the more personal things like what books Keith, the author, has read, to what movies he has been, the daily stuff and more.
Then in the middle you’ve got the actual blog with all his posts.
In the right menu there are mostly links to other sites or to help you navigate the site.

I am using the 960 x 720 setting, which looks fine and organized, but I find the 800 x 600 setting a bit crowded. The unique design is also worth an extra plus-point.

It’s not strange that quite some people read his blog: it’s interesting to read about a large range of subjects, and it’s also just as interesting, if not more, to read his opinion about it. It’s rather straight to the point, so it doesn’t take too much time to read it.random thinks

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