Review 2530

My initial response to this blog is cute. I love the design and the graphics at the top of the site. The first thing I did was stop by and read through the “about me” page, which almost always has a ton of interesting tidbits about the author. Here, you’ll find much more insight into who Keith is. I love the look of this blog and I can’t help but hope that my first impressions of this site mirror the rest of the blog. I have high hopes for this blog as I start on the entry archives.

The first month of archives are pretty uneventful, with a few bits and pieces that are worth reading. As with any new blog the first few weeks usually entail checking code, making sure that stylesheets are working correctly and in the case of Keith, the include for php is working write as well. After getting past the first this first month you run across a few very political entries, which, in my opinion, aren’t meant to reflect one way or another but to just open some eyes. This post of a particular article was very interesting to read. When I started to get more into the blog, as the author seemed to do as well, I found intriguing entries like this one about a cookie’s fortune and his thoughts on what it made him feel. I’m sad that I missed the Binky the Crayon naming, but was glad to share in it after the fact. The blog, for it’s randomness of subjects, is very well written. I suppose that would happen with a blog so aptly named. A recent entry about the Boondocks was a wonderful read, not only because of the author’s insight but the articles that are linked.

The design is good. Very good by today’s standards. The author has taken the time to learn something new, html and css, in order to create his own designs rather than stick to some tried (and died) templates. I love the design because it fits the author so well. Everything is easily accessible and well navigated. There are couple of quirks, for example, the “randomness photo” opens into another window, but the window is not resizable and doesn’t have scrollbars. This only poses as a problem when the image is larger than the new window opened. Otherwise, I love the design.

There are a lot of bonus features to this site. There is a photoblog to see the world through the author’s eyes. You can contact the author without opening your email. He has a list of his favorite web places as well as a separate blog list. There are recent reads, dvd’s and other good things that you’re able to post about while using TypePad. The author also does a quote of the day and a word of the day. These are all worth a look since they change on a regular basis.

The majority of this blog is personal. There are a lot of insight entries, or entries that are just there to share ideas or artwork, pictures or thoughts. He keeps the blog interesting by picking different things to write about. I enjoyed reading this blog very much. Each person seems to approach the blogging world with a different viewpoint on life, and Keith’s thoughts are definately worth a read. random thinks

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